Smart Campus
Smart campus are now an integral part of the digital economy. As a pioneer and a component of smart city, smart campus are embracing the challenge of digital transformation. How to achieve sustainable and organic development of people, objects and the environment, underpinned by a people-centered and value-added efficient approach, is a shared vision for the entire industrial ecosystem, including smart campus owners, administrators, operators and users.

Industry Insights

Lifecycle Management

Building on our top-down design, we offer lifecycle management system which covers planning, investments, construction, management and operations, shifting from a single-factor-driven model to a one of collaboration and ecosystem synergy.

Holistic Resource Operations

We achieve holistic operations and centralized management by integrating data from people, vehicles, objects, buildings and the environment and driving the convergence of people, objects and information.

Intelligence-driven Dynamic Evolution

We utilize digital twin technology to move from the model of static operation to one of dynamic evolution, enabling smart campus to enter a new stage of intelligent transformation.

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Industry Cooperation Case
Industry Cooperation Case

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