Smart Public Safety Management Solution
Rapid urbanization has posed new challenges to the urban model, people's livelihoods and public safety. Urban public safety management departments are in urgent need of reform. Urban monitoring, information analysis, and processing capabilities are required to break down information barriers, build a more secure public environment, and promote the deep integration of services and social security.

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Technology-led transformation of public safety management

Powered by AI technology, Megvii’s solution enables public security departments to incorporate their existing front-end detection capabilities - built on videos, audio and sensors - into daily operations and processes optimized to enhance public security.

Technology-led application development

Public safety management is transitioning from automation to intelligentization. The emergence of innovative technologies makes it possible to tap into massive data, stimulating application demand. Technology is gradually becoming a catalyst for application development.

From post-incident efforts to pre-incident early warnings

The intelligent application system for urban public safety is built around a prevention model that covers typical safety incidents in urban environments. Thanks to a wide range of means for monitoring and controlling key objects, it has proven its social security capabilities during critical periods and at major events, giving rise to a new pattern of public security management featuring early detection, intervention, prevention and management.

From big data to small data

Urban managers can leverage AI to process unstructured data, such as huge amounts of audio and video footage and sensor data, in the same way they process structured data. They can zoom in on the small data profile of a single entity in a city-level macro operation context to deliver personalized services and the precise management of every active entity in an entire city.


To address an array of challenges and needs in public safety and management, Megvii leveraged its leading AI open platform and extensive technical expertise in areas spanning the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and intelligent video analysis, to bring to market information technology-based management and smart applications for critical areas. The company fully supports the integration of technology and business. Our mission is to continuously leverage insights generated from data, promote urban safety initiatives, drive the transformation of urban public safety management models, and lay a solid technical ground for achieving science-led decision-making, precise urban management and efficient service provision.
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Comprehensive Front-end Perception
By consolidating AI, cloud, big data and IoT, the solution empowers smart devices on the front-end and builds a smart device-edge-cloud real-time sensing network. It realizes the convergence, processing and analysis of massive urban public safety data for the instant detection of changes in the business and environment.
Unleash Value from the Fusion of Data
Based on open AI analytics and machine learning algorithms, the solution provides a multi-dimensional fusion of massive structured and unstructured data to quickly extract valuable data that drives innovation.
Sharing Scenarios and Building Closed Business Loops
Achieves the deep integration of big data and AI computing and applies this capability to varied business scenarios by summarizing scenario-based demand and shared services. Connects the technical back-end with the business-oriented front-end to efficiently reuse data from the perspective of business cases and build closed loops for urban public safety management.
Self-evolving Smart Platform
Based on an autonomous and controllable distributed deep learning algorithm platform, the solution builds an AI processing center that integrates training and inference/recognition to achieve self-learning and evolution in response to the complex and ever-changing urban public safety environment.
Megvii Kunlun: Comprehensive Software Platform for Urban Security Management
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Smart Traffic Management
In recent years, transportation development has shifted its focus from speed and scale to quality and efficiency. As transportation is an open, complex, dynamic and integrated system comprised of people, vehicles, roads and the environment, traffic management will build on the deep integration of emerging technologies, such as AI, big data, Internet, blockchain and supercomputing, and the transportation sector, to create a comprehensive data-driven, integrated transportation system for data-empowered transportation and the continued modernization of traffic management.
Smart City Management Solution
Cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and AI are key to unlocking and implementing innovative smart city management. The transformation from digital cities to smarter and more intelligent cities requires a comprehensive modernization of city management systems and capabilities.
Mingji: AI Temperature Detection Solution
Coronavirus disease (covid-19) is a global pandemic, and every country is actively fighting against the virus. It is an effective way to prevent the spread of the virus in finding the person with abnormal temperature promptly in order to perform further medical observation. However, the traditional method of temperature measurement has low efficiency and accuracy.Additionally, a major challenge is how to efficiently detect high body temperatures without close physical contact. As an AI enterprise, Megvii uses AI technology to provide new solutions.
Smart Traffic Management
Smart City Management Solution
Mingji: AI Temperature Detection Solution
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