Leader and Practitioner in AI

Megvii is an artificial intelligence company specializing in AI for IoT applications.
Empowered by our world-leading AI research and cutting-edge engineering,
we have developed an AIoT product system built around integrated hardware and software solutions
catering to three core applications: Consumer IoT, City IoT, and Supply Chain IoT.
Through these solutions, we deliver value for our customers and society by creating a smarter, more connected world.

About Megvii

Power humanity with AI


Building a comprehensive AI infrastructure that connects and powers billions of IoT devices worldwide


Belief in technology and pragmatism

World-Leading Technological Strengths

Megvii operates the world’s largest computer vision research institute.Our research team has developed advanced algorithms that have laid the foundation for many of the world's cutting-edge AI applications. Since 2017, we have won a total of 49 world championships in various leading international AI competitions.In 2019, we made history by winning our third consecutive title at the International Conference on Computer Vision’s Common Objects in Context (COCO) Challenge, one of the most prestigious global competitions in the field of computer vision.

Megvii is one of the few companies in the world with a proprietary deep learning framework. MegEngine, one of the three primary components of Brain++ architecture, was officially made open source in 2020.

Proven Applications

MEGVII has expanded its business with a strategic focus on consumer IoT, city IoT and supply chain IoT.

Leading the Responsible Development of AI

Megvii is committed to the development of responsible AI and leading the industry towards greater reliability, dependability, and trustworthiness.

Since 2019, we have published our AI Ethics Code of Conduct and have established an AI Ethics Committee and an AI Ethics Research Institute. Together, the Committee and Institute focus on addressing issues in AI governance and the regulation of Megvii’s own conduct in AI development across the six areas of: integrity, human oversight, technical robustness and security, fairness and diversity, accountability, data and privacy protection. We strongly believe that our commitment to AI governance will contribute to the positive development of the industry.

Our mission is to power humanity with AI. We believe it is our duty to ensure that our innovations have a positive impact on society, making our communities safer, our lives more convenient, and our work more efficient.

Developing responsible AI is of profound significance not only to Megvii but also the future of our planet. Megvii will continue to conduct extensive collaborations with our peers worldwide in areas spanning governance to industry empowerment.

Oct MEGVII was founded
2011 20122015
Oct We launched Face++, an open cloud-based visual platform
2012 20152017
May MEGVII launched FaceID, the world’s first cloud-based face recognition authentication solution
Oct MEGVII launched the world’s first intelligent camera
Nov MEGVII launched city IoT solutions
2015 20172018
Feb MEGVII’s Face Recognition Payment was named one of the 10 Breakthrough Technologies 2017 by MIT Technology Review
Jun MEGVII ranked 11thon MIT Technology Review's list of 50 Smartest Companies
Jul MEGVII launched a device unlocking solution powered by face recognition technology
Sept MEGVII launched smart logistics solutions
Oct MEGVII secured three world titles in the MS COCO + Places Challenge, surpassing Google, Microsoft and Facebook
Nov MEGVII established the MEGVII Academic Committee with Andrew Yao, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, serving as chief advisor
2017 20182019
Oct MEGVII was approved as a first-level national postdoctoral research station
MEGVII received four recognitions in the Joint COCO and Mapillary Recognition Challenge Workshop at ECCV 2018
2018 20192020
Jan MEGVII launched MEGVII Hetu, the first AIoT operating system in the industry, and the new logo “MEGVII旷视”
Apr Megvii entered a partnership with Dongsheng Town, Haidian District in Beijing to comprehensively deepen the construction of the town’s AIoT ecosystem
Apr The inauguration of the BAAI-MEGVII Intelligent Model Design and Image Perception Joint Laboratory
Jun MEGVII secured a total of six first places in 3 challenges at CVPR2019
Jul MEGVII launched the Core Principles of AI Practice to advocate for technology for good
Sept MEGVII signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Telecom
Oct Brain++, our proprietary AI productivity platform, was recognized as one of the World’s Leading Scientific and Technological Achievements in the Internet section of the sixth World Internet Conference (WIC)
MEGVII won again at ICCV2019, the first three-peat in the history of the competition
Nov MEGVII signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Mobile
2019 20202021
Mar MEGVII officially launched our AI productivity platform Brain++, and open-sourced its deep learning framework MegEngine
Apr MEGVII rolled out FaceStyle, an AI-powered makeup and beauty solution that allows end-users to personalize their shopping experience by trying on makeup virtually through personal computers or mobile devices
Megvii became the chair member of the Intelligent Temperature Measurement Standard Working Group to formulate the first intelligent temperature measurement standard in China
Jun MEGVII held an Enterprise Service Strategy Summit and Launch Event to introduce a new generation of face recognition access control integrated machines and other products
2020 20212022
May Megvii launched MegWorld exhibition hall in Beijing
2021 2022...
Apr Megvii launched the 3D Pallet Shuttle System
Megvii released new products of "Algorithm-Defined Hardware" and launched the "AIoT Ecosystem Partner Program"
Jul Megvii released the "2+1" AIoT core technology research system
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