FaceStyle AI-Powered Beauty Solution

The rise of Generation Z, an increasingly important consumer group, is bringing changes to consumption concepts and patterns, profoundly transforming the beauty and cosmetic surgery industry. Given the range of challenges facing these two sectors, such as homogenized marketing, low conversion rate, high try-out costs and poor purchase experiences, there is pressing need for AI-enabled innovation to create new ways for linking up consumers, goods, services and stores.

Latest Trends

New Market
With the rise of Generation Z consumers, online and offline consumption is increasingly converging
New Channels
As online consumption continues to increase, omni-channel integration is key to unlocking new growth
New Marketing Approaches
Content marketing, including livestreaming and KOL marketing, are driving new ways to engage consumers
New Experience
Emerging technologies, including AI, 5G, AR and intelligent skin analysis, will reshape the industry landscape


Powered by Megvii’s leading face recognition technology, facial key-point detection capabilities, and color blending AI algorithms, the solution combines facial feature identification, skin analysis and virtual makeup capabilities to demonstrate the effect of makeup in a realistic setting

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Realistic Replication
The solution accurately captures and replicates an end-user’s facial features, complexion and skin texture, to demonstrate the effect of makeup in a realistic manner
Accurate Analysis
Powered by industry-leading algorithms, the solution generates skin and facial feature analyses that are accurate and reliable
Simple Integration
The solution comes with a comprehensive set of tools for quick integration and access
Diverse Applications
Applicable to various scenarios, the solution is able to meet a variety of needs across popular marketing channels
Virtual Makeup Try-on
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Skin Analysis
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Facial Feature Analysis
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Cosmetic Surgery

Beauty Retail

Interactive Entertainment

Digital Marketing

FaceStyle  What suits you makes you beautiful


Online Marketing Solution
Scenario and interactive operations have gradually become important new trends in digital marketing in recent years. Driven by AI, a two-way marketing mode featuring liveness and interaction has overtaken the one-way static marketing model. Using AI-enabled precise analysis, marketers can reach target users via various business scenarios, user circles and product marketing.
Enhanced Pan-Entertainment Experience
In the mobile Internet era, consumers are increasingly looking for highly interactive and innovative entertainment experiences, making the service-driven entertainment economy increasingly vital. Through innovative combinations, the application of emerging technologies in different sectors is unleashing more business value.
Computational Photography Solution
AI and 5G technology have given rise increasing consumer demand for smart phones and devices with better photography and video features. Device makers are racing to upgrade and improve features such as imaging processing, image quality, multi-cameras and video recording to cater to this demand.
Online Marketing Solution
Enhanced Pan-Entertainment Experience
Computational Photography Solution
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