Device Authentication Solution

Smart devices such as smartphones have become an indispensable part of modern life. With mobile payments and online shopping and smart offices becoming the “new normal,” there is growing need for more secure biometric authentication methods in the market to better protect privacy and financial security.

Latest Trends

From On-screen to Under-creen

As an increasing number of smartphones adopt bezel-less designs, the need for under-screen module-based biometric authentication has increased and fingerprint identification has proliferated

Enhanced Safety

Android has adopted higher security standards for biometric authentication such as face and fingerprint identification, protecting from potential attacks from 2.5D and 3D printed models

Biometric Authentication

In order to provide a seamless user experience, many other devices beyond smartphones are also embedding biometric authentication to their systems, such as smart watches

Ultimate User Experience

The solution not only ensures the highest level of security but is also applicable to a wide range of scenarios. Face authentication is possible even when the user wears a mask


Leveraging a proprietary “face recognition and anti-spoofing” deep learning algorithm, Megvii provides smartphones and other devices with unlocking and payment solutions via face recognition and under-screen fingerprint detection. Unlockable in just milliseconds and with bank-grade payment security, the solution protects users’ identities while delivering a fast and seamless experience.
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Unlocks in Milliseconds
Face recognition or fingerprint recognition as fast as 40 milliseconds.The screen lights up almost instantaneously when it is unlocked.
Financial Security Payment
False recognition rate is as low as one in a million, allowing Android phones to achieve bank-grade payment security
Wide Adaptability
Adaptable to high-end, mid-end, and low-end mobile phone chips and modules of single-camera, dual-cameras, or 3D cameras
Convenient and Fast Experience
Supporting face recognition unlock in RGB, IR, monocular/binocular, 3D structured light, and ToF conditions. In extreme conditions such as backlight, bright light, dark light, and others, the performance remains at the same high level
2D/2.5D Face Unlock
3D Face Unlock and Payment
Under-Screen Unlock and Payment
Unlock Smartphones

Unlock Smart Devices

Mobile Payments


Computational Photography Solution
AI and 5G technology have given rise increasing consumer demand for smart phones and devices with better photography and video features. Device makers are racing to upgrade and improve features such as imaging processing, image quality, multi-cameras and video recording to cater to this demand.
FaceID Verification Solution
The rapid development of Internet+, especially the rise of mobile Internet, is dramatically transforming people’s lives, making online identity verification an indispensable part of the digital era. Powered by AI technology, Megvii’s verification solutions, including face recognition, body detection and face comparison, enable identity authentication in a range of scenarios to enhance security.
Enhanced Pan-Entertainment Experience
In the mobile Internet era, consumers are increasingly looking for highly interactive and innovative entertainment experiences, making the service-driven entertainment economy increasingly vital. Through innovative combinations, the application of emerging technologies in different sectors is unleashing more business value.
Computational Photography Solution
FaceID Verification Solution
Enhanced Pan-Entertainment Experience
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