Internet is is transforming people's lifestyles and reshaping productivity in profound ways. The global Internet ecosystem is accelerating into a new cycle of intelligent convergence. Omni-dimensional perception, natural interaction and intelligent convergence are poised to be the prospective directions of the next-generation Internet.

Industry Insights

Blurring of Virtual and Real Worlds

The Internet is becoming increasingly integrated with the offline world and real economy. With rapid advancements being made in VR/AR, AI and IoT, the line between virtual and real services is being blurred, and pan-Internet applications are becoming ubiquitous

Personalized Service and Enhanced User Experience

User profiles are being utilized to tap into users’ needs, thereby creating personalized and refined services and improving the overall user experience for Internet products

From Digitalization to Intelligentization

Machine learning is accelerating the evolution of the Internet towards the next stage, while AI is transforming digital services into intelligent services

Industry Solutions

Enhanced Pan-Entertainment Experience

In the mobile Internet era, consumers are increasingly looking for highly interactive and innovative entertainment experiences, making the service-driven entertainment economy increasingly vital. Through innovative combinations, the application of emerging technologies in different sectors is unleashing more business value.
Enhanced Privacy and InclusivityIndustry-leading AlgorithmsFirst-class Service SystemFull Product Lineup
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Online Marketing Solution

Scenario and interactive operations have gradually become important new trends in digital marketing in recent years. Driven by AI, a two-way marketing mode featuring liveness and interaction has overtaken the one-way static marketing model. Using AI-enabled precise analysis, marketers can reach target users via various business scenarios, user circles and product marketing.
Audience Analysis and Precision MarketingInnovative and Creative MarketingIndustry-leading Algorithms and Reliable ResultsUnparalleled Safety Control and Privacy Protection
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FaceStyle AI-Powered Beauty Solution

The rise of Generation Z, an increasingly important consumer group, is bringing changes to consumption concepts and patterns, profoundly transforming the beauty and cosmetic surgery industry. Given the range of challenges facing these two sectors, such as homogenized marketing, low conversion rate, high try-out costs and poor purchase experiences, there is pressing need for AI-enabled innovation to create new ways for linking up consumers, goods, services and stores.
Realistic ReplicationAccurate AnalysisSimple IntegrationDiverse Applications
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Data and Digital Service Solution

Leveraging Megvii’s proprietary technology, the Yueying Data Services Platform, powered by industry-leading AI algorithms, delivers an integrated solution for data consulting services, data production, data cleansing, data labeling and business digitalization across various fields, such as computer vision, natural language processing, intelligent voice, and autonomous driving. The Data++ service strictly complies with data privacy policies to ensure the encrypted and secure transmission of data.
Data SecurityData Privacy ProtectionData Quality and ScalePlatform Integration
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Industry Cooperation Case
Nokia X6, one of Nokia’s best smartphones, is powered by MEGVII’s algorithm technologies, including facial keypoint detection, facial 3D modeling, body segmentation and 3D lighting and rendering. The smartphone is packed with a wide range of AI-enabled features, such as face recognition-based unlocking, image-processing capabilities like portrait lighting, and intelligent face retouching and photo album clustering, as well as stickers and 3D Animoji on entertainment applications.
Industry Cooperation Case
Bank of Beijing
China CITIC Bank
China Life Insurance Company
China Mobile Online Services Company

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