Smart City
With the migration to and concentration of the population in urban centers, city clusters are taking shape, posing unprecedented challenges to urban administrators. Faced with the massive scale of cities, Megvii will endeavor to help the allocation of urban resources based on the multi-dimensional data of people, objects and space. The company believes in the fundamental principle of benefiting people and is committed to promoting high-quality and efficient social stability, governance and the upgrading of industry in urban areas and aims to accelerate the construction of smart and livable cities.

Industry Insights

Improved urban governance

Improvements in urban management will be realized systematically through the deployment of new Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) such as AI, big data, cloud computing, IoT and 5G across multiple dimensions including people, objects, space and safety.

Data mining

Data will be integrated and applied across multiple sources. Sharing data across departments to break down data silos and focus on exploring the value of integrated urban data.

Livable cities

Urban managers’ critical mission is tackling security hazards and improving urban management, traffic efficiency and the living environment by mining and understanding data through people-centric approaches.

Industry Solutions

Smart City Management Solution

Cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and AI are key to unlocking and implementing innovative smart city management. The transformation from digital cities to smarter and more intelligent cities requires a comprehensive modernization of city management systems and capabilities.
Precise Prevention and Control of the Covid-19 PandemicAI-enabled Smart IoT SolutionIntelligent Video AnalysisRefined Big Data-driven Management
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Smart Traffic Management

In recent years, transportation development has shifted its focus from speed and scale to quality and efficiency. As transportation is an open, complex, dynamic and integrated system comprised of people, vehicles, roads and the environment, traffic management will build on the deep integration of emerging technologies, such as AI, big data, Internet, blockchain and supercomputing, and the transportation sector, to create a comprehensive data-driven, integrated transportation system for data-empowered transportation and the continued modernization of traffic management.
Comprehensive Data CollectionPowered by an AI AlgorithmPrecise Traffic ManagementDiversified Transportation Services
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Mingji: AI Temperature Detection Solution

Coronavirus disease (covid-19) is a global pandemic, and every country is actively fighting against the virus. It is an effective way to prevent the spread of the virus in finding the person with abnormal temperature promptly in order to perform further medical observation. However, the traditional method of temperature measurement has low efficiency and accuracy.Additionally, a major challenge is how to efficiently detect high body temperatures without close physical contact. As an AI enterprise, Megvii uses AI technology to provide new solutions.
EfficientAccurateAutomaticRapid Deployment
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Industry Cooperation Case
Industry Cooperation Case

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