Smart Traffic Management

In recent years, transportation development has shifted its focus from speed and scale to quality and efficiency. As transportation is an open, complex, dynamic and integrated system comprised of people, vehicles, roads and the environment, traffic management will build on the deep integration of emerging technologies, such as AI, big data, Internet, blockchain and supercomputing, and the transportation sector, to create a comprehensive data-driven, integrated transportation system for data-empowered transportation and the continued modernization of traffic management.

Latest Trends

Detection of traffic conditions with data fusion technology

Traditional traffic data and online data will be consolidated in an AI-empowered structure to enable the precise and comprehensive monitoring of traffic conditions in real time.

Technology-driven traffic management transformation and development

Traffic management is moving towards smart transformation through automation powered by technology. The integrated development of AI technology and related business needs will further drive the transformation of traffic management, resulting in a more precise and efficient management system.

Lower transportation risks and better travel experiences

The co-existence of risks in transportation and people’s needs for safe and convenient mobility will drive the application of new technologies like AI to investigating, identifying and controlling the relevant hazards to resolve major risks and create an orderly, safe and efficient travel experiences.

Deep data mining to enhance data and service quality

AI technology will enable the deep mining of comprehensive data generated from traffic volume, the transportation business and internet to enhance data quality while offering a diverse range of transportation-related services.


The Megvii Smart Traffic Management Solution is built on Brain++, Megvii’s proprietary new generation AI productivity platform, for an AI-enabled traffic management platform and a smart brain for transportation. The solution fully unleashes the value of comprehensive traffic data generated from fast-moving urban scenarios, in turn empowering urban traffic management, driving innovative growth and helping to build an orderly, safe and efficient travel environment.
Solution Consultation
Comprehensive Data Collection Awareness
With access to comprehensive traffic data, the solution collects, consolidates, shares and exchanges data from different sources on a standard data management model to achieve the precise, real-time monitoring of traffic conditions.
Powered by an AI Algorithm
The solution is built around elements such as people, vehicles, roads and the environment and driven by comprehensive traffic data. Powered by Brain++, it forms a comprehensive AI-enabled smart traffic management platform.
Precise Traffic Management
The AI-powered solution strengthens traffic supervision, enforcement and safety awareness education. It constructs a smart application system with precise regulation, timely responsiveness and rational decision-making, improving the order of traffic and regulations and boosting efficiency.
Diversified Transportation Services
It builds a multi-channel social service system to provide the public with transportation and travel information services closely related to their daily work and life that enhances their personal transportation experiences.
Intelligent IP Camera
Intelligent Analysis Cube
Integrated Urban Traffic Management

Precise Identification of Traffic Violations

Holographic Management of Transportation Elements

Safety Supervision of Key Objects


Intelligent Temperature Measurement Access Solution
Since the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, people around the world have become much more aware of public health and disease prevention and pandemic control is now becoming a normal part of the daily life. Accurately and efficiently testing people's temperature is regarded an effective measure to monitor potential cases and becomes a top priority for smart buildings and campus as they strive to secure public health while minimizing disruptions to maintain smooth visitor experience. Therefore, the solution combining face recognition and contactless temperature measurement is increasing adopted in smart buildings, which can detect forehead temperature and accurately match data to individuals identified through face recognition technology.
Smart City Management Solution
Cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and AI are key to unlocking and implementing innovative smart city management. The transformation from digital cities to smarter and more intelligent cities requires a comprehensive modernization of city management systems and capabilities.
Mingji: AI Temperature Detection Solution
Coronavirus disease (covid-19) is a global pandemic, and every country is actively fighting against the virus. It is an effective way to prevent the spread of the virus in finding the person with abnormal temperature promptly in order to perform further medical observation. However, the traditional method of temperature measurement has low efficiency and accuracy.Additionally, a major challenge is how to efficiently detect high body temperatures without close physical contact. As an AI enterprise, Megvii uses AI technology to provide new solutions.
Intelligent Temperature Measurement Access Solution
Smart City Management Solution
Mingji: AI Temperature Detection Solution
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