Smart Campus Solution for Enterprise

Industrial campus, as the intermediate interfaces between buildings and cities, are crucial to the holistic development of urban spaces. They are sites of work and leisure, reflecting the transformation and application of technological innovation and the integrated development of economy.

Latest Trends

Easy Management and Maintenance

The cloud-edge-device module makes management easier and improves maintenance and operations efficiency, freeing human resources

Optimal Service Experience

Optimizes the control of access to the campus from single-dimensional resource aggregation to multi-dimensional resource collaboration

Smooth Data Exchange and Integration

Integrates and manages the multi-dimensional data of people, vehicles, objects and the environment, breaking down data silos


Powered by our leading face recognition and deep learning AI capabilities, Megvii integrates new technologies, such as the Internet of Things, Cloud and Big Data to create full-stack solutions. The solutions, based on the real-world scenarios in smart campuses, manage the data of people, vehicles and events in the campuses, making its operations, maintenance and service smarter.
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Multidimensional Awareness and Comprehensive
Monitors and comprehends the multi-dimensional data of people, vehicles, objects and the environment, and makes cloud-edge-device intelligent collaboration through AI to break the data silos in the subsystems to achieve comprehensive connectivity.
Hardware and Software-driven Intelligent Security
Powered by AI algorithm and integrates AIoT intelligent hardware that features perception, calculation and storage functions, connects with the cloud software management platform to form an intelligent security barrier
Convenient Management and Humanized Service
The one-face-pass solution links up intelligent access, intelligent security, catering, consumption and member services, opens up collaboration ecosystem between different businesses to improve service quality and generate revenue stream
Efficiency and Cost Reduction
Flexible deployment tailored to the business needs to improve the efficiency of the campus's management and service provision and reduce costs


Industry Campuses

Industrial Campus

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Smart Building Access Solution
The development of the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) is powering the intelligentization of digital buildings. Card access systems are a mainstream and traditional way of building access. However, as cards can be easily forged, lost or "borrowed" to people without identity verification, so new smart solutions are increasingly demanded. As a result, human face, one of the most secure and intuitive biometric IDs, has been gradually accepted to replace the traditional card access system in smart buildings for a secure and efficient whole-building access experience for users.
Attendance Solution for SMB
Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises are playing an enormous role in contributing tax, ensuring employment and driving economy. Our solution can help those enterprises be released from the constraints of daily management activities and unleash their vitality.
Smart Campus Solution for Education
New information technologies such as AI, big data and IoT will lead campus scenarios to realize the transition to new modes of space and educational management.
Smart Building Access Solution
Attendance Solution for SMB
Smart Campus Solution for Education
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