Attendance Solution for SMB

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises are playing an enormous role in contributing tax, ensuring employment and driving economy. Our solution can help those enterprises be released from the constraints of daily management activities and unleash their vitality.

Latest Trends

Plug and Play

Plug and play devices do not need to be integrated or need additional development


N in 1 one-stop inclusive AI function integration

AIoT Device Access

The access of various AIoT end and edge devices

Multi-mode Management

Support for multiple management modes such as public cloud, mobile device and local access


The attendance solution is tailored for the needs of small and micro enterprises. Driven by AI algorithms and face recognition access, intelligent network cameras, intelligent storage and a computing system, the solution delivers functions such as smart access, smart employee attendance, and intelligent guest greeting. The solution digitally transforms small and micro enterprises by releasing them from daily management routines, thereby stimulating their vitality.
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Access and Attendance
Intelligent management of access and attendance leads to improved management efficiency
Real-time Alarm
Monitors and detects strangers to deliver real-time alarm and improved security
Convenient Deployment
Convenient installation, simple deployment and easy operation
Convenient Management
Multi-management terminals, including public cloud, local, computer and mobile phone, which are easy to operate


Entry and Exit Access Control

Visitor Attendance at Entrances and Exits

Visitor Reception

Meeting room/ Anti-trailing access control

VIP Reception


Smart Building Access Solution
The development of the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) is powering the intelligentization of digital buildings. Card access systems are a mainstream and traditional way of building access. However, as cards can be easily forged, lost or "borrowed" to people without identity verification, so new smart solutions are increasingly demanded. As a result, human face, one of the most secure and intuitive biometric IDs, has been gradually accepted to replace the traditional card access system in smart buildings for a secure and efficient whole-building access experience for users.
Intelligent Temperature Measurement Access Solution
Since the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, people around the world have become much more aware of public health and disease prevention and pandemic control is now becoming a normal part of the daily life. Accurately and efficiently testing people's temperature is regarded an effective measure to monitor potential cases and becomes a top priority for smart buildings and campus as they strive to secure public health while minimizing disruptions to maintain smooth visitor experience. Therefore, the solution combining face recognition and contactless temperature measurement is increasing adopted in smart buildings, which can detect forehead temperature and accurately match data to individuals identified through face recognition technology.
Smart Campus Solution for Enterprise
Industrial campus, as the intermediate interfaces between buildings and cities, are crucial to the holistic development of urban spaces. They are sites of work and leisure, reflecting the transformation and application of technological innovation and the integrated development of economy.
Smart Building Access Solution
Intelligent Temperature Measurement Access Solution
Smart Campus Solution for Enterprise
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