Smart Warehouses

Megvii has launched an innovative 3A solution that combines traditional AS/RS automated logistics systems and emerging AMR flexible logistics systems through Megvii’s one-stop AloT smart warehousing and logistics platform, HETU. HETU’s powerful underlying Al technology empowers warehousing and logistics operations with visual perception and smart algorithms, helping customers to shorten warehouse construction times, increase production capacity, and create additional value while improving sustainability.


Stable and Efficient
High-density, stable, and reliable storage system for improved space utilization
Flexible Expansion
Flexible system for easy adjustment, rapid expansion, and quick response to changes
Intelligent Compatibility
Megvii’s powerful HETU platform offers high compatibility to improve interconnection between different devices and equipment
End-to-End Services
AI improves operational efficiency by enhancing the entire shipping process, from storage and picking through to sowing
Visual Perception
Robotic technology improves efficiency
Smart Scheduling
Intelligent algorithms provide efficient scheduling and improve equipment utilization


Automated Warehouses

Distribution Centers

WIP Warehouses


Smart Industry Park
An intelligent logistics center goes beyond the physical campus itself and involves the movement of goods as well as vehicles and people on and off campuses spaces. The growing range of technology applications required by truly smart logistics campuses have come to encompass more intelligent scheduling, forecasting and even automated decision-making. Smart logistics campuses also require enhanced safety management and greater operational efficiency.
Micro Fulfillment Center
Micro fulfillment centers (MFCs) for final-mile grocery delivery are a cost-effective and efficient way for grocery chains to meet shifting customer expectations and compete in a highly transformed marketplace.
Intelligent Temperature Measurement Access Solution
Since the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, people around the world have become much more aware of public health and disease prevention and pandemic control is now becoming a normal part of the daily life. Accurately and efficiently testing people's temperature is regarded an effective measure to monitor potential cases and becomes a top priority for smart buildings and campus as they strive to secure public health while minimizing disruptions to maintain smooth visitor experience. Therefore, the solution combining face recognition and contactless temperature measurement is increasing adopted in smart buildings, which can detect forehead temperature and accurately match data to individuals identified through face recognition technology.
Smart Industry Park
Micro Fulfillment Center
Intelligent Temperature Measurement Access Solution
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