Smart Finance

The traditional finance industry is digitally transforming, providing online and mobile access to customers. The rise of AI, blockchain, big data and cloud computing has seen the creation of innovative applications for financial services entering a new phase that is becoming smarter and intelligent. As integration between finance and technology continues, a new era of fintech and smart finance is just around the corner.

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User-centric Philosophy

We provide users with safe, convenient and diverse identity authentication services via our industry-leading technologies that we have accumulated and honed over the years

Enhanced Security

While delivering tremendous convenience, routinized financial services also give rise to increasingly complex risks. This is where AI technologies such as face comparison, identity verification and liveness detection come in, delivering enhanced security for online financial services

Inclusive Finance

Financial institutions are increasingly adopting new technologies, business models and innovative applications, making financial services more universal and accessible to the broader population

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Industry Cooperation Case
Industry Cooperation Case

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