Smart Logistics
Logistics, a complex industry involving information, transportation, warehousing, campus, postal services, manufacturing, and supply chain, has garnered much attention in recent years. With the implementation of intelligent applications and extensive policy support, emerging technologies are profoundly reshaping the logistics industry. The confluence of emerging technologies, such as AI, IoT, autonomous driving, flexible robots, and intelligent equipment, provides the technological foundation for collaboration across the logistics ecosystem.

Industry Insights

Intelligence+ Collaboration

Based on the smart operating system, smart logistics will feature a collaborative and shared innovation model that will reshape the industrial division of labor, rebuild the industrial structure, and transform industrial development patterns, giving rise to a new ecosystem

Fundamental Transformation of the Movement of Goods and Services

Data-based business models and intelligent solutions will fundamentally transform the production and movement of goods, and promote the upgrading of supply chain management and reshape the industrial structure of warehousing and logistics

Standardization of Intelligent Equipment and System Products

Industrial competition has expanded from technology and products to applications and services. In the future, logistics intelligent equipment and system products, such as robots, will become standardized to better serve the industry

Industrial Logistics
Business Logistics

Smart Manufacturing Logistics Solution

Powered by smart manufacturing, the upgrading of the manufacturing industry is centered on intelligent transformation. With the emergence of global Internet+ and AI, improved intelligence and flexibility across the manufacturing industry is imminent. Megvii built the Hetu robotics IoT operating system to coordinate the flexible integration of logistics and intelligent manufacturing equipment for connectivity across all production processes.
Connectivity and Collaborative SchedulingAI Technology EmpowermentVisualized Logistics Management and Control
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Pharmaceuticals Logistics Solution

The solution provides a workshop and intelligent logistics warehousing system. The system facilitates the entire workflow for packaged raw materials of pharmaceuticals, including unloading, automatic palletizing, storage, picking and packing and automated delivery. It also delivers automation, flexibility, and intelligence to the development of various pharmaceutical products spanning production, packaging, conveying, palletizing, automatic warehousing, picking, and delivery. The solution can enable the intelligent tracking of the whole lifecycle of pharmaceutical products and ensure they comply with relevant specifications of GMP, GSP and FDA, forming the best practice of smart warehousing and logistics that features world-leading automation.
Intelligent StorageFlexible SortingDigital Management
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Automobiles Logistics Solution

The automobile industry’s logistics management is characterized by complexity, dynamism, and volatility. Megvii leverages the latest information technologies and visualization methods, such as IoT, AI, big data and real-time simulation, to display and access data, delivering a humanized technology and management system using the coordination of the Megvii Hetu human-machine system.
Stringent System Requirements and StandardsTraceabilitySystem Collaboration
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Chemicals Logistics Solution

By drawing on its experience in smart warehousing, Megvii provides an intelligent material warehousing solution for customers in the chemicals industry. Through the connection of intelligent equipment and Megvii Hetu, the solution enables intelligent management and enhances operational efficiency.
Three-Dimensional StorageDigital ManagementFully Automated Operation
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Education Logistics Solution

Drawing on its extensive smart logistics experience, Megvii has developed an integrated solution for the education field covering learning, training and evaluation. The solution provides colleges and universities with project cases, experience and technology in real-world planning, simulation, operations, and O&M for smart logistics, promoting the integration of industry and academia.
Industrial Innovation CoursesIntegrated Teaching Model
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Intelligent Logistics Center Solution
Powered by emerging IT technologies like AI, Megvii’s Intelligent Logistics Center Solution is a safe, intelligent, collaborative, and green solution that is optimized for both intra-warehouse operations and park management. The solution links up multiple flexible robots and intelligent equipment and integrates robotics and IoT operating systems and intelligent software for model innovation and improved efficiency. For park management, it comprises a system that senses and manages people, vehicles, goods, and warehouses, and conducts O&M of infrastructure, the environment, and key buildings.
Intelligent Warehousing Solution
Leveraging Brain++, Megvii’s new-generation AI productivity platform, the Megvii Smart Warehousing Solution uses its ever-evolving innovative algorithms to empower traditional logistics equipment. The result is the Megvii Hetu operating system that engages partners across the industry chain and builds a Smart Warehouse Solution, helping enterprises reduce costs, enhance efficiency and streamline management.
Intelligent Logistics Center Solution
Intelligent Warehousing Solution
Industry Cooperation Case
Industry Cooperation Case
IT Logistics
Kelun Group’s Zhejiang Guojin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Mengyan Clothing
Wolong Electric Group
Changchun FAWAY Automobile Components Company
Shanxi Lubao Coking Group
Sinochem Lantian Co., Ltd.

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