Consumer Electronics
The lifecycle of information technology is shrinking year by year. With the confluence of emerging technologies, shifting consumption patterns and the growing ubiquity of smart devices, consumer electronics are becoming smarter and more intelligent at a significantly faster pace, giving rise to new applications.

Industry Insights

Intelligence Spreading into More Areas

Intelligent devices, such as AR/VR, wearable devices, automotive electronics, smart homes and large-size smart screens, are constantly emerging, posing new challenges for connectivity between devices and scenarios

More Intelligent User Experience

The application experience is becoming more intelligent and contactless, with a focus on photo and video shooting, battery life, communication quality and privacy security

Innovation Powering the Smart Devices Industry

Innovative high-end smart devices are key to unlocking new growth in an increasingly crowded market

Industry Solutions

Computational Photography Solution

AI and 5G technology have given rise increasing consumer demand for smart phones and devices with better photography and video features. Device makers are racing to upgrade and improve features such as imaging processing, image quality, multi-cameras and video recording to cater to this demand.
AI-based Noise ReductionBlurring BackgroundSuperior Night PhotographyBokeh Effect
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Device Authentication Solution

Smart devices such as smartphones have become an indispensable part of modern life. With mobile payments and online shopping and smart offices becoming the “new normal,” there is growing need for more secure biometric authentication methods in the market to better protect privacy and financial security.
Unlocks in MillisecondsFinancial Security PaymentWide AdaptabilityConvenient and Fast Experience
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Smart Screen and Smart TV Solution

As consumer demand for home entertainment, education and lifestyle applications continues to rise, smart TVs have emerged as a new product interface for home life. Over the past two years, traditional companies in the ICT, Internet and TV manufacturing sectors have entered the new smart home market, giving rise to new business models, and promoting connectivity between smart home appliances and their support services for sports, health, interactive entertainment and education purposes.
Industry-leading AlgorithmsWide CompatibilityIntegrated Hardware and Software Solution
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Industry Cooperation Case
Nokia X6, one of Nokia’s best smartphones, is powered by MEGVII’s algorithm technologies, including facial keypoint detection, facial 3D modeling, body segmentation and 3D lighting and rendering. The smartphone is packed with a wide range of AI-enabled features, such as face recognition-based unlocking, image-processing capabilities like portrait lighting, and intelligent face retouching and photo album clustering, as well as stickers and 3D Animoji on entertainment applications.
Industry Cooperation Case
Bank of Beijing
China CITIC Bank
China Life Insurance Company
China Mobile Online Services Company

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