Smart Screen and Smart TV Solution

As consumer demand for home entertainment, education and lifestyle applications continues to rise, smart TVs have emerged as a new product interface for home life. Over the past two years, traditional companies in the ICT, Internet and TV manufacturing sectors have entered the new smart home market, giving rise to new business models, and promoting connectivity between smart home appliances and their support services for sports, health, interactive entertainment and education purposes.

Latest Trends


New categories such as smart TVs and smart screens are converging. The line between home and personal life is being blurred and boundaries between spaces and services are being restructured.

Consumer Market Acceptance

Thanks to the presence of major smart home system platforms and support from downstream device makers, smart home products have gained consumer market acceptance

Emergence of Smart Homes in China

Smart home businesses in China have gradually become the growth engine for the global market

Interactions between Multiple Devices

Using AIoT technology, multiple devices can connect and coordinate with each other, and are able to display awareness of their surrounding environments and human movements. They also enable users to interact with the system using their voice, vision or screens


The solution brings AI algorithms in face detection, face recognition, skeleton detection and gesture recognition to smart TV and smart screen manufacturers, enabling them to make their products the hub of smart homes that feature perception, interaction, and connection.
Solution Consultation
Industry-leading Algorithms
The solution’s built-in AI algorithms have been adapted and optimized for smart TV scenarios
Wide Compatibility
The algorithms behind the solution are compatible with mainstream chips at all levels as well as all kinds of smart screen modules
Integrated Hardware and Software Solution
Combined with the chip, Megvii can deliver an integrated smart camera solution that integrates algorithms, chips, and modules


Motion-controlled Video Games

Home Fitness Apps

Facial Authentication


FaceID Verification Solution
The rapid development of Internet+, especially the rise of mobile Internet, is dramatically transforming people’s lives, making online identity verification an indispensable part of the digital era. Powered by AI technology, Megvii’s verification solutions, including face recognition, body detection and face comparison, enable identity authentication in a range of scenarios to enhance security.
Device Authentication Solution
Smart devices such as smartphones have become an indispensable part of modern life. With mobile payments and online shopping and smart offices becoming the “new normal,” there is growing need for more secure biometric authentication methods in the market to better protect privacy and financial security.
Enhanced Pan-Entertainment Experience
In the mobile Internet era, consumers are increasingly looking for highly interactive and innovative entertainment experiences, making the service-driven entertainment economy increasingly vital. Through innovative combinations, the application of emerging technologies in different sectors is unleashing more business value.
FaceID Verification Solution
Device Authentication Solution
Enhanced Pan-Entertainment Experience
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