Smart Campus Solution for Education

New information technologies such as AI, big data and IoT will lead campus scenarios to realize the transition to new modes of space and educational management.

Latest Trends

New Phase of Education Informatization

Informatization will revolutionize education. Schools should not only focus on improving information technologies, but also internalize information empowerment when it comes to teachers' skills and students' learning outcomes

AI Becomes an Endogenous Variable

As an endogenous variable of systemic educational reform, AI technology will support and lead the modernization of education, promote the updating of educational concepts, the reform of models, and the reconstruction of educational systems

The Upgrading of Campus Life Experience

Emerging technology solutions such as smart attendance management, intelligent security management and daily payment service in campuses continue to improve the life experiences of tutorial staff and students and serve as new management tools for the administrators

Refined Data Management

The acquisition, analysis and processing of teacher and student data in campus scenarios have entered the stage of refined management, providing accurate big data to support better quality teaching


The campus-based solution meets the requirements of teaching and educational management through face recognition technology that enables superior identity management. The smart campus solution integrates the multiple capabilities of IoT and big data, and involves access control, security, dormitory management, conference sign-in functions and payments made with face recognition technology. These advances facilitate the intelligent and smart management of campus and educational activities and improve the quality of comprehensive campus management.
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Safe Campus
Combines IP cameras and AI analysis to achieve real-time early warnings across key areas. The solution overcomes the shortcomings of traditional passively managed security to improve prevention, early warning, realize and visualized intelligent management of campus security
Campus Portrait Data Platform
Links various application subsystems on campus to build a unified portrait data platform that serve as a campus-wide information data management platform
One-face-pass on Campuses
Manages the access authority through face recognition, improves the experience at school, and strengthens security management as well as reduces risks
Smart Hosting/Orientation/Consumption
Combines the campus portrait data platform and face recognition technology, and provides an omnidirectional face API interface and capabilities. Megvii helps implement more detailed applications on campus and provides efficient management methods for teaching administration


Access Control


Dormitory Management

Class Attendance

Face Recognition Payment


Smart Building Access Solution
The development of the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) is powering the intelligentization of digital buildings. Card access systems are a mainstream and traditional way of building access. However, as cards can be easily forged, lost or "borrowed" to people without identity verification, so new smart solutions are increasingly demanded. As a result, human face, one of the most secure and intuitive biometric IDs, has been gradually accepted to replace the traditional card access system in smart buildings for a secure and efficient whole-building access experience for users.
Smart Campus Solution for Enterprise
Industrial campus, as the intermediate interfaces between buildings and cities, are crucial to the holistic development of urban spaces. They are sites of work and leisure, reflecting the transformation and application of technological innovation and the integrated development of economy.
Attendance Solution for SMB
Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises are playing an enormous role in contributing tax, ensuring employment and driving economy. Our solution can help those enterprises be released from the constraints of daily management activities and unleash their vitality.
Smart Building Access Solution
Smart Campus Solution for Enterprise
Attendance Solution for SMB
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