Data and Digital Service Solution

Leveraging Megvii’s proprietary technology, the Yueying Data Services Platform, powered by industry-leading AI algorithms, delivers an integrated solution for data consulting services, data production, data cleansing, data labeling and business digitalization across various fields, such as computer vision, natural language processing, intelligent voice, and autonomous driving. The Data++ service strictly complies with data privacy policies to ensure the encrypted and secure transmission of data.

Latest Trends

Demand for High-quality Data

With the precision of AI models increasing rapidly, high-quality test data is emerging as an underlying foundation for AI training

Low-cost Data Production

As large-scale AI training and applications have become a new trend, low-cost reliable data production is a prerequisite for the efficient training and application of AI

Data-driven Transformation

The digital transformation of industries and the application of AI technology rely on the large-scale production of data

Professional Support

To build a solution to facilitate digital transformation, enterprises need to turn to professional institutions for help to access industry know-how as well as to implement emerging technologies like AI, big data and IoT


Based on its extensive experience and industry expertise, Megvii leveraged its leading AI algorithms to build the proprietary Yueying Data Services Platform, providing customers with a comprehensive solution for data production, cleansing, labeling and business digitalization. The platform, combined with the use of streamlined processes and an efficient quality control system, enables efficient high-quality data delivery while ensuring data security and privacy.
Solution Consultation
Data Security
The solution utilizes multiple encryption algorithms to prevent data breaches during the production process. In combination with intelligent data labeling equipment that encompasses monitoring and tracing capabilities, the platform ensures the safety and reliability of customer data
Data Privacy Protection
Adhering to sound data classification standards, the solution identifies and desensitizes sensitive and private data to prevent malicious activities. With a robust data exit mechanism in place, it also allows users to revoke their storage and use of their private data as needed to protect their privacy
Data Quality and Scale
The solution utilizes scientific data quality control processes to ensure the reliability and soundness of the data it delivers
Platform Integration
Building on years of experience, Megvii’s proprietary Yueying Data Services Platform enables the implementation of multi-dimensional platforms for full lifecycle data management, including human efficiency management, project process control and security assurance


Megvii’s proprietary Yueying Data Services Platform, built for the full lifecycle management of data services, seeks to resolve data challenges that have emerged amid the ongoing evolution of the AI industry. Powered by a combination of management approaches, tools and algorithms, the solution features industry-leading efficiency and quality
Resource Centers
No. of Locations in China
In-house Employees
No. of Projects
> 2.5
Industry Experience
300 million
No. of Images Processed
> 49
No. of Labeling Types
> 200,000
Ecosystem Coverage
> 98%
An Average Rating of Delivery Quality
Consumer Electronics

Smart Healthcare

Intelligent Driving

Smart Retail

AI Education and Training


Device Authentication Solution
Smart devices such as smartphones have become an indispensable part of modern life. With mobile payments and online shopping and smart offices becoming the “new normal,” there is growing need for more secure biometric authentication methods in the market to better protect privacy and financial security.
FaceID Verification Solution
The rapid development of Internet+, especially the rise of mobile Internet, is dramatically transforming people’s lives, making online identity verification an indispensable part of the digital era. Powered by AI technology, Megvii’s verification solutions, including face recognition, body detection and face comparison, enable identity authentication in a range of scenarios to enhance security.
Computational Photography Solution
AI and 5G technology have given rise increasing consumer demand for smart phones and devices with better photography and video features. Device makers are racing to upgrade and improve features such as imaging processing, image quality, multi-cameras and video recording to cater to this demand.
Device Authentication Solution
FaceID Verification Solution
Computational Photography Solution
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