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Scenario and interactive operations have gradually become important new trends in digital marketing in recent years. Driven by AI, a two-way marketing mode featuring liveness and interaction has overtaken the one-way static marketing model. Using AI-enabled precise analysis, marketers can reach target users via various business scenarios, user circles and product marketing.

Latest Trends

Blurring of Online and Offline Scenarios

The line between online and offline scenarios is being blurred as multi-dimensional integration becomes the new normal

New Marketing Approaches

Emerging technologies, such as AI, big data and 5G, will give rise to new types of mediums that promote the transformation of marketing approaches

Prevalence of Big Data

Marketing framework driven by big data will make data a new growth avenue for the marketing industry

From a One-size-fits-all Approach to a Highly Personalized Approach

The solution delivers highly personalized marketing based on a myriad of user attributes


Drawing on its groundbreaking computer vision technology and cutting-edge AI algorithms, Megvii is bringing its proprietary face recognition, body outlining, face merging and skin analysis technologies to online marketing, providing customers and users with novel campaigns.
Solution Consultation
Audience Analysis and Precision Marketing
The solution leverages big data for precision marketing
Innovative and Creative Marketing
As legacy marketing approaches become obsolete, there is an urgent need for new marketing approaches that are more entertaining and interactive
Industry-leading Algorithms and Reliable Results
Powered by industry-leading AI algorithms, the solution consistently produces high identification accuracy and reliable results
Unparalleled Safety Control and Privacy Protection
The solution ensures customer privacy using its leading data masking and encryption technologies


Interactive H5 Games

Audience Profile Analysis

Marketing Effectiveness Evaluation


FaceStyle AI-Powered Beauty Solution
The rise of Generation Z, an increasingly important consumer group, is bringing changes to consumption concepts and patterns, profoundly transforming the beauty and cosmetic surgery industry. Given the range of challenges facing these two sectors, such as homogenized marketing, low conversion rate, high try-out costs and poor purchase experiences, there is pressing need for AI-enabled innovation to create new ways for linking up consumers, goods, services and stores.
Enhanced Pan-Entertainment Experience
In the mobile Internet era, consumers are increasingly looking for highly interactive and innovative entertainment experiences, making the service-driven entertainment economy increasingly vital. Through innovative combinations, the application of emerging technologies in different sectors is unleashing more business value.
FaceID Verification Solution
The rapid development of Internet+, especially the rise of mobile Internet, is dramatically transforming people’s lives, making online identity verification an indispensable part of the digital era. Powered by AI technology, Megvii’s verification solutions, including face recognition, body detection and face comparison, enable identity authentication in a range of scenarios to enhance security.
FaceStyle AI-Powered Beauty Solution
Enhanced Pan-Entertainment Experience
FaceID Verification Solution
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