AI Algorithms
Megvii’s AI algorithms leverage deep learning and focus on analysis and cognition of broad visual elements to address, analyze, and tackle real-world challenges. Our industrial-grade products and services integrate hardware and software and deliver optimal industrial-grade performance.
We equip visual sensors with powerful AI capability to deliver the best integrated product experience or solution.
AI-powered Temperature Measurement Technique
a. With patented ’fishing rod‘ black body, measurement precision is as low as 0.1 degree Celsius under lab condition.
b. Lightweight ShuffleNet/DorefaNet enable non-contact measurement under crowded scenes.
c. High precision head skin segmentation suppresses noise from background.
Underscreen fingerprint
Our AI-based verification algorithms achieved high true positive rate (>98%) with industrial standard false alarm (<1/50000), enabling smooth user experience and payment-level verification security.
Cutting-Edge Technological Innovation
  • One of the few companies in the world with a proprietary deep learning framework
  • Advance deep neural networks that can be deployed on cloud, mobile and edge computing platforms
  • 576 granted AI-related patents
  • Secured 40 first-place recognitions in various leading international AI competitions, including the first three-peat in the history of the COCO
Megvii Research
Belief in Technology and Pragmatism
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Megvii Research
Belief in Technology and Pragmatism
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